Full day campers (9am-4pm) on Friday, will depart at 12 noon time!

FREE Day or HS Pre Season Camp
if you sign up for any Residential Camp!!

(Campers will return with their t-shirts and soccer balls from the first week of camp attended)

Dates Time Field Location City
July 21-July 26
VT Technical College
Randolph, VT
July 28-August 2
Jay Peak Resort
Jay, VT

**Jay Peak Camp additional info**

The per Camper Residential Package Rate Includes:

  • Access to 2 FIFA regulation Turf Fields
  • Pump House Waterpark access throughout stay!
  • 1 Hour Climbing session per camper
  • Movie night at Clips and Reels Movie Theater
  • Scenic Tram ride on Vermont’s only Tram
  • Game of Foot Golf on our Championship Golf Course
  • Access to Curve Fitness room
  • On resort shuttle transportation to all events and activities

Vermont Voltage Professional Soccer Academy Residential / Overnight Camps at the # 1 choice for your player in New England. There is simply no better way to truly live the life of a young soccer professional than signing up for one of our residential / overnight camps. Players literally eat, sleep, and breathe soccer all week long with three meals a day and boarding included. It is important not only from a soccer standpoint but also from a social development point of view that players have this type of experience. It's a chance to bond with teammates, and fellow players, while growing as an individual soccer star.

Players that attend our residential / overnight camps have access to, fitness centers, swimming pools, outdoor and indoor relaxation areas, fun team building exercises, and a multitude of other activities that are geared to give the young athlete a complete experience while at camp.

Fundamentals are refined as well as sophisticated techniques of soccer will be taught on a personalized individual level along with various forms of group instruction provided by the Camp Directors and other Vermont Voltage Professional soccer players. Athletes train up to 3 times per day with recovery training, nutritional guidance, and healthy habits encouraged throughout the camp week. It is important not only to focus on the refinement of basic playing skills and technical ability but to focus on the entire package of the individual player, both in an individual and group setting.
Residential / Overnight camps take place at your choice of one of three high end facilities. VT Technical College located in Randolph, VT, the Bennington Sports & Wellness Center located in Bennington, VT, or Jay Peak Resort located in Jay, VT. The Bennington Sports & Wellness Center is the Vermont Voltage's very own year-round sports facility. You can view pictures of all the facilities below.

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Field Players will go through a rigorous training regimen that will encompass both individual technical skills as well as tactical situations in both small sided games, and larger game environments.

  • Each player will complete a technical training regime with "fast footwork", ball control skills, heading and shooting. Players progress to the basics of team play and tactics with emphasis on creativity and playing under pressure.

  • While Refinment of the players’ technical training is taking place, specifically 1 v 1 skills and ball possession, combination play will be taught.

  • Small group tactics and the principles of team play are covered. Players also learn about fitness training, nutrition and game preparation.

Players are organized by age groups. High School age groups continue to improve technical skills and tactical knowledge, while also focusing more on the responsibilities of the player’s functional position and more advanced concepts of team play.

Within the Vermont Voltage Soccer Academey players are further organized by gender and playing ability to form training groups. These groups will play matches in the evening against their counterparts of similar ability.


Goalkeeping is a unique position in the game of soccer and requires specialized training to develop the goalkeeping skills, self confidence and toughness to be the team’s last line of defense and first point of attack. To be effective in the position, goalkeepers need to be well trained technically and tactically to integrate into the team’s defense. The goalkeeper is the leader and communicator.

The design of the Vermont Voltage’s goalkeeper training will develop goalkeepers to be decision makers. The program is designed to be progressive based upon the age, ability and experience of the individual goalkeeper.

Fundamentals of Goalkeeping:

  • Stance, footwork, ball handling

  • Angles and positioning

  • Shot stopping: catching, diving, and deflecting

  • Ball distribution: throwing and punting

  • 1 v 1 breakaways

  • Crossed balls

Physical Training:

  • Warm-up and cool-down

  • Conditioning and nutrition

  • Injury prevention

  • Strength, agility, and quickness

Functional Training:

  • Communication

  • Systems of marking

  • Organizing the defense

  • Controlling the box

  • Principles of defense

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