Spring Soccer Program

The Vermont Voltage and Monument Soccer Club have worked to create a special opportunity for all interested spring soccer players.  This coming spring the Bennington Sports Center will host a 4th indoor soccer session with the specific goal of providing players that typically play spring club soccer the chance to practice and play in games on a regular basis, and have the opportunity to attend a tournament together as a team if the team so chooses, all while reducing the overall cost of the entire program. 

* The Bennington Sports Center and Monument Soccer Club realize that the spring can be a difficult time of year with weather making fields very unplayable the majority of the time making it very difficult on player development being that there is no consistency regarding the surface you are playing on.  We have also taken into consideration cost factors and want to make sure that the programs we are able to provide are affordable in a way that will attract more players that want to learn and develop their soccer ability during this time period.  In essence we have created what we know to be the best opportunity to have consistent practice, games and the potential for tournaments where in previous years it was either one or the other.  

Whats included: 

1. 8 weeks of Indoor Soccer games at the Bennington Sports Center
2. 8 week of Indoor Soccer - One training session time slot per week run by the teams elected coach at a time TBD for each individual team at the Bennington Sports Center location, or outdoors at Willow Park weather permitting.
3. - Optional chance for any team to attend a tournament of their choice.  If any team / teams in the Spring session would like to attend a tournament, then the team would be responsible for additional fees for player passes, player insurance, and tournament fees.