Franklin County Success by Six

Dear Vermont Voltage,

I am writing to thank you for your support of Franklin County Success by Six programs. The partnership between Franklin County Success by Six and the Vermont Voltage will be invaluable in ensuring that families know about and can take advantage of opportunities for children in their community. I appreciate the community participation by the Vermont Voltage and your role in helping to promote healthy behaviors in youth.

Franklin County Success by Six provides family support and child development programs that provide young children with a healthy start and prepare them for success in school. Local communities design and carry out projects and events that meet the needs of the families in their town. In the past year, some of these activities included storytimes, new parent parties, Tumble Times, playgroups, parent education, and kindergarten transition events. Through a combination of activities, mostly run by volunteers, communities are able to ensure that all children's development is supported and that they have the physical, cognitive, and social/emotional skills to be prepared for school success. Your support of these programs will enable us to expand the options available to families and to serve more children.

Franklin County Success by Six also supports the Franklin-Grand Isle Bookmobile, which visits child care homes and centers, families, and other community sites throughout the region. Children and adults who are visited by the Bookmobile can check out books and other resources that support children's literacy development. Franklin County Success by Six also offers the Welcome Infant program, which provides families with newborns with gifts and resources through the Northwestern Medical Center's Birthing Center. Your support of these programs will allow Franklin County Success by Six to continue these programs and reach out to more families.

The partnership between the Vermont Voltage and Success by Six is one that promises to yield enormous benefits to the children and families in our community. Through your support of Success by Six, we expect to be able to expand our services and to serve more children and families. We want to recognize the Voltage support and the programs that you offer to children and families, which are so beneficial. We wish you the best of luck in your season!

Thank you,

Meg Baker, Coordinator 
Franklin County Success by Six 



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