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Bennington Sports Center partners with HomeBrew Festivals

We are thrilled to look back on our exciting partnership with the 13th Homebrew Festival held in downtown Bennington on April 29th. This event, a testament to the region’s craftsmanship and community spirit, allowed us to join hands in celebrating the finest homebrewed beverages and culinary delights. It was a day of flavor, camaraderie, and memorable experiences that truly showcased the heart and soul of our community.

A Toast to Local Craftsmanship

Our partnership with the Homebrew Festival was a resounding success, and it embodied the essence of community collaboration. The festival brought together a diverse array of homebrewed beverages, from sours and stouts to IPAs and pilsners, creating a platform for local homebrewers to shine. The $40 general admission ticket offered unlimited tastings of these unique brews, while the addition of home-chef foodie treats brought a delightful culinary aspect to the event.

In the heart of downtown Bennington, the festival allowed us to celebrate not only the craft of brewing but also the passion and creativity of our community members. As we look ahead to future collaborations, we raise our glasses to the memories, the craftsmanship, and the community spirit that made this partnership a remarkable success. Here’s to many more years of supporting and celebrating our vibrant local scene!

More info: https://www.benningtonbanner.com/lifestyle/get-set-for-the-13th-homebrew-festival-featuring-best-brews-and-food-in-the-region/article_5501534e-de03-11ed-8dd0-031516dcbd88.html