World Cup Indoor Soccer League

Soccer Indoor League

Session 2 is pick up only. Middle and High School boys; Saturdays at 5:45 pm and Middle and High School girls Saturdays at 7:15 pm. $10 per night.

Youth:Session 3 Starts March 5

Men's and Coed: Session 3 Starts March 9th


Anyone showing signs of respiratory illness will need to stay home from classes/practices. This includes, but is not limited to fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc.

Masking indoors is encouraged for all but at each one’s discretion and subject to change at any time to remain consistent with VT Dept of Health and CDC recommendations.

World Cup Indoor Soccer League

Welcome to Bennington Sports & Wellness Center’s World Cup Indoor Soccer! With over a 1000 players that have participated in our leagues that continue to grow each year, the BSC’s World Cup Indoor Soccer Leagues have proven to be one of southern Vermont’s biggest attractions throughout the winter months. Each team has the opportunity to represent their International favorite in our Youth and Adult leagues during the winter months! Registration is actively open typically at the end of August / beginning of September! Keep an eye on the registration page of the website to make sure you don’t miss out on the action. Act fast as teams and age divisions fill up fast. We look forward to enjoying another new Winter Season World Cup Indoor Soccer League at the Bennington Sports and Wellness Center!

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Indoor soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world. All outdoor players love to play indoor soccer. Many of the practice sessions during the regular outdoor season are based on the small sided games where players get more touches on the ball and get more involved with the play. Brazil, France, Italy, Spain, Serbia, Holland, and Germany are excellent in tight spaces and have an unbelievable touch on the ball. The reason is simple – indoor soccer. The field is simply reduced approximately 30m x 20m with smaller goals (2m x 3m). The game is played 6 vs. 6 (youth) & 5 vs.5 (adults). This system ensures maximum participation from each player. The Bennington Sports & Wellness Center is very interested in individual player development in all facets of the game. We encourage good sportsmanship and positive attitudes during our leagues and look to help shape the youth in the community in a positive manner.

League Play will remain the same. All league rules will apply! We look forward to providing the best quality and enjoyment for you and your team as we continue to develop and improve an unforgettable experience at the Bennington Sports Center! See you there!

Below you will find the league rules for Bennington Sports Center. These rules must be abided by at all times. Bennington Sports Center Staff members (Referres, Facility Managers ect.,) reserve the right to not allow individuals / teams who do not follow the rules listed below, to not enter the turf arena.

It is extremly important that all players / coaches are aware of these rules. All players MUST wear indoor turf shoes, flats, or tennis shoes. Turf soccer shoes are recommended as they provide the BEST possible playing experience. Turf shoes will soon be available in the Bennington Sports Center store. In the meantime, you can purchase them from local sporting goods stores or searching online for “Indoor Turf Soccer Shoes” on google. All player MUST also wear shin guards.

Wearing outdoor spiked cleats, or not wearing shinguards, referees will not allow individuals to play without proper equipment.

-All players must play in their age division.

-25 minute halves (running time) / 5 minute half time.

-U-6 thru U-14 play 5v5+GK.

-U16 thru Open play 4v4+GK.

-Unlimited Substitutions (On the Fly), player must come off before another player can enter the field.

-Restarts from the end line are from the GK hands, but not over half-line. If ball is played back to the keeper by his/her own player, he/she cannot pick up the ball & No goal kicks -Restarts on the side wall kick-ins only (no throw-ins) (indirect free kicks)

-Restarts after hitting ceiling (Direct free kicks) -5 second rule on restarts

-One-man wall (2m / 5yrds away) on a free kick.

-No sliding tackles & No offside’s & One / two referees.

-If player is cautioned & sent off, the team plays down for 2 minutes or until opponent has scored.

-Games will always start on time.

-Indoor shoes (Flats or Turfs) are required

for play and shinguards. NO CLEATS!

League Registration

If you are registering as an individual (you do not have a team) please Click The Individual Payment Button !

  • Please note that there is an additional 3.5% convenience charge for registering online
  • After completing the registration form we will e-mail you when your first game is.
  • The game schedule will be posted on this website. Check back often for any updates and to check league standings etc.

If you are registering a team please Click The Team Payment Button !

  • Please note that there is an additional 3.5% convenience charge for registering online
  • When registering your team, it is important to make sure that each team member prior to the first game, or the day of the first game stop into the sports center to complete their registration forms, as well as sign a sports facility waiver.
  • As the player / coach / team manager if you plan on playing please enter in your information into this form. If you are a coach, and are going to register your son or daughter enter in their information at the beginning of this form, with your e-mail, as you will be the primary contact for all team information.
  • After completing the registration form we will e-mail you when your first game is.
  • The game schedule will be posted on this website. Check back often for any updates and to check league standings etc.

1. Print the Registration form listed below
2. Each Individual that registers for a team must have a signed waiver form to participate – listed below
3. If registering as a team, the coach of that team must collect all funds & registration forms and submit on or before the registration deadline.
4. Once signed forms & funds are collected you may either mail to the 230 school street, Bennington VT 05201 or bring to the front desk M-F 9am to 5PM

If you have any questions about the league, registration or payment, please Contact US or by phone (802) 681-7151. Thank you !

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